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1020 Session Six: Genre and Rhetoric 9/16/14

On Tap Today:

  • About your “About” pages and grading.
  • Tying up loose ends

Post Project Reflection:

We’ll start class today with a reflection about your reading and writing practices. Think through and write about the following ideas on your blog or in your notebook (you can work through them in whatever order makes sense to you):

  • What do I read on a regular basis? Include reading for school and pleasure.
  • What do I like to read?
  • Where do I read best?
  • Where or when is reading hard for me?
  • What is something new I have learned about reading since starting this semester (in any of my classes)?
    • Why was reading this information or reading this way important to me/to my learning?
  • What is something new I have learned about writing since starting this semester (in any of my classes)?
    • How will this information impact me or my learning?

graded document

graded document 1


Let’s connect all the dots between Gee, Swales, and the Wayne Writer.


And take a more in-depth look at genre.


Finally (time permitting), let’s take a closer look at the concept of the rhetorical situation.


Read in WW and ch 7 pp216-229 AND ch. 8 pp. 253-266 and 283-296.

Write: Writing Project 8.4 on p. 295.  You will be using the information in Box 7.1 on p. 229 to analyze an academic genre from one of your classes.  This may be a textbook, an assignment sheet, or a website.  Bullet points are fine.  Handwrite or print out to bring to class on Thursday along with the item you are analyzing. We will work in small groups to compare analyses and prepare a final analysis.