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3050 Session Ten: Writing Instructions from Graphics

Let’s Practice Writing Instructions.

With your team, on paper, do the following for the image below:

  1. Create a title.
  2. Write a caption for each panel with no more than 6 words per panel.
  3. Determine a use for the blank panel.  Describe a picture, write a caption, and indicate where it should go in the sequence.Wash-Hands-Sign-NHE-13173_600

Let’s try with something a little more complex like Ikea Instructions.

Using this link or your own internet search, find a set of fake or real Ikea Instructions.  Complete the following on a team member’s blog:

  1. Post the image you chose (right click, “Copy Image” then paste it into your blog editing page.
  2. Translate the Swedish (or, faux Swedish) title and provide a new one using a phrase such as “How to…” or “Building a…”
  3. Write a short passage, at least two sentences or bullet point entry, for each image.  Don’t forget an introduction  for the first image, a parts and tools list.
  4. Comment on what images and instructions you may change, delete, or add for better comprehension.


Write: Final draft of Project Two, proposal memo due by 11:59 pm Thursday, October 2. Email a properly formatted word document to me and post a copy on a team member’s blog page devoted to Project Six documents.  Please email a link to  your document page.

Email a short (@ 150-300 words) memo detailing and defending your “rank-and-yank” ratings for Project Two.  Include your group’s decision made on your team charter. Remember, do not include yourself in the rankings.

Homework for Tuesday, 10/7

Read: Ch. 14 “Creating Reader-Centered Graphics” and Ch. 16 “Designing Reader-Centered Pages and Documents” in TC.

Write: Each team member should submit a short memo (@200-300 words) to me and your teammates detailing on what you would like to provide instructions.  Indicate your topic, your interest in working on it, your qualifications for taking on the topic. You may also wish to note one or more of your teammate’s qualifications as well.  If your team has not chosen a topic, this is a chance to persuade them to work on the topic you like best.