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1020 Session Twelve: Research for your I-Search

In Class Reflection:

Spend a few minutes writing about your experiences as a researcher. What kinds of topics have you researched or written about before? How do you usually conduct research? What is important to you about the research process or what have you learned from research in the past? How do you see yourself tackling the research required for the I-Search?


Beginning your Search for Answers


Read Selections from Sharan Merriam’s Qualitative Research

Conducting Effective Interviews

Being a Careful Observer

How to Analyze Qualitative Data

Write on your blog, Part One of your I-Search.  This serves as an introduction to the larger project. Be sure to discuss what you already know, what you wish to learn, and why you want to learn more about your topic. Use your skills in crafting a narrative. Be creative. Throw in a picture or two (optional).

Sign up for a conference time via an email if you missed class.


1020 Session Eleven: Presentations

Your  Presentations!

Testing your questionshttps://i1.wp.com/www.ajoconnor.com/sites/default/files/images/Question_shutterstock_77267023.jpg

Look at the topic you wrote for the last blog post.  Apply teh following tests:

  • Is it stated as a question or set of questions, instead of a statement?
  • Do I need to clarify any terms to make my research question understandable to my audience?
  • Is my question about one of my secondary discourses/discourse communities, or one that I plan to/hope to join in the NEAR future?
  • Is my question related to the function of that d.c., communication in that d.c., ways of being in that d.c. or movement within that d.c.?
  • Am I personally invested in exploring this question? Why or how will exploring this question help me understand my discourse community?
  • Is my question something I can research using primary and secondary sources? What research site or scene do I plan to investigate? Can it be answered too easily, or do I need a diverse set of sources to understand the answer?
  • Is my question specific or concrete enough to explore in 1500-2000 words? Or is it too broad or too narrow?


Read these sample I-Search essays:

erinn w isearch

kristin h isearch

david c isearch

Write a short response (@200-300 words) as a blog post answering the following:

What are the important writing moves the students make to convey his or her research process and findings to the audience? How do I see an I-Search paper as shaping up differently than a research paper? What changes should I make to my topic (last blog post) so that it conforms to these models?