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Post I-Search Reflection and Annotated Bibliographies

Post-project Reflection

Now that the I-Search is behind us (well, I still need to grade them) let’s pause to reflect on where we are in the course.  At this time please write a response and post it to your blog of about 300 words addressing the following:

  • To what extent are you satisfied (or not) with your findings in the ISearch essay?
  • How do you feel you have changed as a reader and writer after completing the Isearch?
  • In regards to writing and researching, what skills do you feel you have gained from working on the ISearch?
  • How will you apply those skills moving forward in this class as well as outside of this class (other classes, work, daily life, etc)?

    Annotated Bibliography Sample

Take a look at the annotated bibliography sample which I passed out.

What do you notice about it?

How do you feel it will help with Project Four?


Read Wayne Writer Ch. 5 pp. 145-159 and ch. 6 pp. 188-215 for class on Tuesday.
Write Annotated Bibliographies.