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1020 Session Two: Writer Identity and Community 9/2/2014


  • Wiki problems?
  • Syllabus questions?
  • Project Questions?

Today’s agenda:

  • What do we know about what writing and rhetoric?
  • What do we understand about various genres of writing?
  • Personal introductions–“Who am I as a writer?”


Throughout the semester, we will be reflecting on our skills and knowledge as they relate to the four course learning outcomes: writing, reading, researching, and reflecting. We will consider how we take on each of these roles–who we are as writers, readers, researchers, and reflectors (as weird as that sounds)–and our progress and growth in each of these areas through the work we do this term.

Today, I would like you to spend a few minutes thinking and writing about yourself as a writer. If you had to tag yourself with a number of descriptors of who you are as a writer, what would those descriptors be? And which one of those is paramount?

Use this chart as a guide to answering the question, “Who are you?”

Then we will share these descriptions to start to get to know each other and to begin thinking about what it means to be a writer in this new setting.






Post 1:

Read and annotate Gee’s text. Then, compose a post for your blog (300-500 words) that explains your understanding of Gee’s arguments and especially of the terms primary and secondary Discourse. At the end of the paragraph, pose a question about Gee’s text. What is something you’re wondering or want to know more about now that you have read it? Then, develop a paragraph or two exploring your ideas for Project One. Post your response on your blog under the title “Response to Gee”.