3050 Project Two Example 2

Semester Project Proposal Memo Sample


FROM: {name deleted}

DATE: February 17, 2006

RE: Proposal Memo

This memo will describe how we will propose a new system for making endodontic files at Endoshine Inc. We have decided to work in a group that {names deleted}. We assembled our group because we all have similar interests and a wide array of skills. The memo starts with an overview of the scenario, then describes research methods, criteria for our proposal, a schedule for benchmarks, and reasons we are qualified to complete this process evaluation.

Overview of Endodontic Files:

  • Endodontic files are instruments that a dentist uses to perform a root canal procedure.
  • Essentially the dentist is cleaning out the root of the tooth because the decay is so bad that the tooth is dead or dying.
  • You could think of an endodontic file as a tiny drill bit.
  • The files are very small and the sizes must be controlled to very tight tolerances for the file to be acceptable.
  • The diameter of the instrument and the overall length are very critical.
  • A typical diameter would be 0.250 mm with a tolerance of +/- 0.010 mm. This means that any diameter between 0.240 mm and 0.260 mm is acceptable.
  • A typical length would be 25.0 mm with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 mm. This means that any diameter from 24.5 mm to 25.5 mm is acceptable.
  • Endoshine manufactures 80,000 – 90,000 endodontic files per week.

Currently, Endoshine finds it difficult to meet the very tight tolerances that are required. The files go through an inspection process that is essentially manual. They take a small sample of each batch and if the sample meets the requirements the batch is accepted. If the sample does not meet the requirements they go through the whole batch and sort out the bad parts.

For our project, we are going to look at the process of manufacturing endodontic files and propose a way to automate the inspection process. This process would eliminate the manual inspections and save Endoshine a lot of time and money. The initial idea includes creating a type of video imaging system that will measure the files as they are finished being assembled.

If a new process is not developed soon, the same problems will continue to happen, and eventually worsen. If the number of bad parts increases due to a higher demand, then the problem will grow out of control. A video imaging systems could eliminate the potential for negative affects.

The final report will be written to the Director of Operations at Endoshine, {name deleted}. With our recommendations, he would have the authority to take our recommendations to the president or vice president of the company and have our system implemented.

Research Methods:

This project will necessitate us to do a variety of research. First, we will have to talk to upper level management at Endoshine to get an idea of a budget we could have for such a project. Next, we will have to talk to lower level employees that actually work with the files to decide on the best way to accomplish our idea. Once we have talked to these two levels of employees we will be able to do actual research on finding a way to implement our idea that is within the budget given and the specifications required. We chose this project because {name deleted}’s father, {name deleted}, works at Endoshine as the Director of Operations and he would be a good source of information. If we have questions, we can consult him and he will give us the information or direct us to someone who can.

Feasibility Study: As of now, we see our final report being a feasibility study. We will research several ideas, looking at the specific problems we need to solve and then decide which idea is most feasible and give our recommendation. We understand that not all of our solutions will be feasible; therefore it is imperative that this study is conducted.

Stakeholder Analysis: As well as determining the way information flows within the business, we want to see who will benefit from the implementation of this new endodontic file system. We want to consider positive and negative effects while conducting our stakeholder analysis. Assumptions and risks will also be looked at.


The evaluations of potential solutions are based on the following criteria:

  • Greatest chance to implement
  • Greatest benefit to users of the endodontic system
  • Most cost effective for the organization
  • Meets criteria and needs of the mission of the organization


February 20 – 26

  • Revise rough draft Memo
  • Submit Final Memo

February 27 – March 5

  • Research and information gathering
  • Talk with David about organizational procedures
  • Talk with Endoshine for budget information

March 13 – 19

  • Discuss process information
  • Research visual imaging
  • Develop process with imaging

March 20 – 26

  • Research alternatives
  • Refine process

March 27 – April 2

  • Develop rough draft Progress Report
  • Analyze alternatives
  • Bring ideas to David and review our progress

April 3 – 9

  • Revise rough draft Progress Report
  • Submit final Progress Report
  • Bring all information together

April 10 – 16

  • Start final report documentation

April 17 – 23

  • Continue final report documentation
  • Finalize report documentation
  • Review final report

April 24 – 28

  • Proofread final draft
  • Submit final report


We chose this project because {name deleted}’s father, {name deleted}, works at Endoshine as the Director of Operations and he would be a good source of information. If we have questions we can consult him and he will either give us the information or direct us to someone who can.

We are enrolled in the IST program at Penn State, which has taught us to rely heavily on research, therefore we feel that we can conduct our research accurately and precisely, giving Endoshine a better way to product endodontic files.

This memo has provided a better understanding of the problem that exists at Globotex as well as showing criteria and the research needed to find a realistic solution. We look forward to hearing your approval and ideas of our work within this organizational analysis.


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