3050 Project Two Example 1

Semester Project Proposal Memo Sample

TO: J.P.



DATE: 2/7/2006

This memo will outline our plan for completing an inventory tracking system for Westwood Industries INC., outlining our research, the specific problem, the criteria involved, and our schedule for project completion. The final report for this project will be addressed to the COO/President of Westwood Industries INC., Don O’Misa, who has the power to implement this decision almost immediately.

The Problem

We are going to examine problems occurring with a woodworking company named Westwood which produces woodwork of many different designs. The current problem with the company is that its organizational structure is causing them to produce less than efficient productivity. Sometimes the company needs to order specific materials, and they do not. Once the material gets to Westwood, there is no tracking system in place for them to know where the material is and in what stage of production the material is currently at. This becomes a problem because sometimes materials will “disappear”, but this has been an ongoing problem that must cease to exist for Westwood. The last problem is the placement once the woodworking project is finished, where it will be stored or shipped-out to is not documented. These are the current problems facing Westwood today.


This project will necessitate several different kinds of research. First we will research the company itself and see whether they have any type of program that tracks inventory that needs an update or whether we will be implementing a whole new system. Next, we need to examine how leading successful competitors track their inventory and what methods they use. Another form of research we will need to do is to figure out what types of software and hardware will need to be implemented into the company to make the inventory monitoring system possible to implement. This software choice will include what kind of database software and what types of interfaces we will use for Westwood. We will need to research the amount of time that it will take and when is the best time for our team to begin the process. These are the general researching topics on which we will cover, although we will also be adding research topics as they become more apparent throughout the process.


There are several of reasons that, when looking into a project to undertake, we decided that this project would be the best. First it relates to our major and presents us with a “real world” application for the material we have been learning thus far. Our particular team also includes members whose emphases within this major (management, business, IT systems, logistics) offer a broad range of skill sets that are relevant to this problem. In addition one of our group members has a close affiliation with Westwood Industries INC. This affiliation is founded thought his past work experience within Westwood Industries INC, as well as his family ties within the organization and with the contact. These facts will allow us to actively and effectively complete this project, with a real world budget and contacts.


Week 1 (October 24th – October 29th)

  • Complete Proposal

Week 2 (October 31st – November 4th)

  • Talk to Westwood about problem
  • Group meeting to discuss the focus and direction of our solution
  • Complete Analysis of Problem

Week 3 (November 7th – November 11th)

  • Do necessary research and gather information
  • Create several solutions to address the problem

Week 4 (November 14th – November 18th)

  • Analyze and compare solutions
  • Decide on the best option
  • Complete additional research if necessary
  • Begin compiling final document with our solution

Week 5 (November 21st – November 25th)

  • Thanksgiving Holiday

Week 6 (November 28th – December 2nd)

  • Talk to Westwood about it; get suggestions, criticisms, etc.
  • Complete Poster for presentation by end of week
  • Complete Final Report

Week 7 (December 6th – December 10th)

  • Final Report Due
  • Project Presentation


There will be a variety of criteria involved in making our final decisions and recommendations for solutions to the current issues at Westwood Industries. As discussed earlier, the issues we are addressing effect all of the production stages at Westwood, and therefore any possible solution will need to be analyzed carefully before being recommended to them. One criterion which any solution will need to meet is whether the employees will be able to adapt and use a new system with minimal impact to their work. In addition to this, the amount of time which any new system or processes will add to the production process will need to be considered. Moreover, the hardware and software that a new system will need to be analyzed, and any changes to existing setup and infrastructure, will need to be addressed. Finally, any possible solution must be evaluated in how effectively it solved the problems which need to be addressed, namely, tracking improving efficiency and reducing inventory loss within the company. Comparing and evaluating solutions with the above criteria in mind will allow us to recommend the best plan for Westwood’s future success.


The final report will consist of a few major parts. First it will include an analysis of the current system(s) and structures which are implemented and used at Westwood (if any). This will then lead to a analysis of the effects, which occur as a result of these systems (or lack there of). In addition to this, the final report will include a section which will compare the methods and procedures which currently exist to the methods and procedures of other successful business models in the industry. Finally our report will contain a summary of findings and then our proposed improvements for Westwood, so that their current issues can be address in a timely and effective manner.

This memo has provided a better understanding of the problem that exists within Westwood Industries INC as well as criteria and research needed to find a feasible solution. We look forward to receiving your permission to begin work on the inventory management system.

Semester Project Proposal Memo Sample


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