Project Six: The Recommendation Report

As the culmination and conclusion of this class, the Formal Recommendation Report will demonstrate your ability to execute the rhetorical and organizational strategies we have learned, and apply these competencies to a “real-world” problem.

Report Format

Your report will contain 12-13 separate components; instructions for (and an example of) each are linked below.

Introductory Materials

Cover Page

Letter Of Transmittal

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

The Document Proper


Background (optional section)

Research Methods and Results

Possible Solutions




Supplemental Materials

Works Cited



Your grade for the Recommendation Report will be calculated with reference to the following criteria:

  1. Audience and Style: Your report should be written directly to a person within your real situation who has the authority to decide whether to accept your recommendations. Your tone should be appropriate to the situation – in most cases, it will be fairly formal.
  2. Mechanics: The report should be flawless to show a serious and professional endeavor.
  3. Rhetorical Skill: Your final report is a persuasive document – it argues for a recommendation based on extensive research and cogent analysis. Throughout the report, your evaluations, definitions, and proposals should be persuasive for the audience your report addresses.
  4. Concision and Clarity: The final report serves as a culmination of all you have learned about technical communication this semester. As such, it should demonstrate your mastery of technical composition, particularly your skills regarding concision and clarity.

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