ENG 3050 Section 004

Hi All,

I don’t yet have access to Blackboard (I’m assuming they’ll provide me access shortly), so I have no convenient way of sending mass emails. We’ll take care of this the first day of class. In the meantime, I’ll post some basic info here.

First and most important, we’ll be moving to a new site. The format of the site is basically the same and all of the content Brad uploaded here has been moved to the new location. I wasn’t going to switch sites initially, but given that Brad runs his other class on the site, I decided that this course of action might help us to avoid potential confusion. The new site URL is fairly easy to remember:


If you get a chance, please check the new site out.

Second, as promised, I will not be making any significant changes to the site. We will still be doing the same six projects, and the criteria I will use to grade projects will remain exactly the same. The syllabus and due dates will also remain the same. We will discuss this and I will address questions on Tuesday. See you all then!


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