1020 Schedule Fall 2014

8/28 First day of class

9/2 Writer Identity and Community, an intro


WRITE:  Post 1:  Read and annotate Gee’s text. Then, compose a post for your blog (300-500 words) that explains your understanding of Gee’s arguments and especially of the terms primary and secondary Discourse. At the end of the paragraph, pose a question about Gee’s text. What is something you’re wondering or want to know more about now that you have read it? Then, develop a paragraph or two exploring your ideas for Project One. Post your response on your blog under the title “Response to Gee”.

9/4 Discourses and Genre


  • Wayne Writer chapter 1, “Understanding Scenes of Writing” 3-25, 41-45
  • The Concept of Discourse Community” by John  Swales
  • Using this list, or Google, find a blog related to your major, career path, or personal interest.  Read a post or two to get a feel for the blog and blogger(s). Post the URL of your chosen blog on your wordpress site.


  • Begin drafting your “About Me” page.
  • Post Two: Blog Analysis

    • Write an evaluation (@ 300-500 words) describing the blog you found above by 11:59 pm, Wed. 9/10/14
    • Discuss:
      • Blogger and hosting site
      • Readers and their characteristics
      • What the blogger(s) want their readers to do
      • The ways the blogger(s) influence readers’ attitudes and actions
      • How well these objectives were met (or not).
      • Post this to your wordpress or other blog by 11:59 pm, Wed. 9/10/14
  • Project One is due by 11:59 pm Sunday, September 14, 2014
  • Project Two is due by 11:59 Sunday, September 28, 2014

9/9 Scenes, Situations, and Genres

Finish the Discourse Community Map.

Read Lessner and Craig’s article “Finding Your Way-In” for brainstorming and drafting techniques

Bring two  printed copies of your Project One rough draft to class on Thursday, 9/11.

9/11 Project One Rough Draft Review

Project One is due by 11:59pm Sunday, 9/14/14.  Update your “About Me” page on your WordPress site and upload a copy to SafeAssign via Blackboard.

Reading for Tuesday/ 9/16: Read Wayne Writer Ch. 2 and the Project Two page.

Writing due before class on Tuesday 9/16: Post 3: Follow directions for Writing Activities 2.1 and 2.5 in The Wayne Writer, Ch. 2. Post your response on your blog under an appropriate title

Sunday, 9/14 Project One due to SafeAssign by 11:59pm.

9/16 Genre and Rhetoric


Read in WW and ch 7 pp216-229 AND ch. 8 pp. 253-266 and 283-296.

Write: Writing Project 8.4 on p. 295.  You will be using the information in Box 7.1 on p. 229 to analyze an academic genre from one of your classes.  This may be a textbook, an assignment sheet, or a website.  Bullet points are fine.  Handwrite or print out to bring to class on Thursday along with the item you are analyzing. We will work in small groups to compare analyses and prepare a final analysis.

9/18 Collaboration



Handout on an analysis of Comic images.

In The Wayne Writer:

“Analysis” and “Analyzing Media” from the “Introduction” to . pp. li-lxv.

Ch. 9 pp. 299-311 and 337-355

Write: Post on your blog a short response (@300 words) to “Writing Activity 9.9” on p. 351-2 of WW

9/23 Class cancelled. All apologies

9/25 Analyze This!

Homework: Write analysis essay. Create multimedia project.

Bring two printed copies of your analysis (without personal reflection) to class on Tuesday for peer review. Essay to be uploaded to SafeAssign via Blackboard by 11:59 pm on Wednesday 10/1/14.

Presentation to be finalized before class on Thursday, 10/2/14. Place it or a link to it on your blog.

Read: Macrorie I-Search Ch 6  AND Postman and Weingartner

9/30  Project Two Rough Draft Review


Read Macrorie “Cutting wasted words”

Write: Final draft of  Project Two including personal reflection posted to SafeAssign via Blackboard by 11:59 pm Wednesday, 10/1/14.

Multimedia presentation to be finalized before class on Thursday, 10/2/14. Place it or a link to it on your blog.

Wednesday 10/1/14 Project Two due to SafeAssign by 11:59 pm

10/2 I-Search Topics

Homework due by classtime Tuesday, 10/7/14

Finish presentation for Project Two

Write a blog post (@300 words) about your understanding of the I-Search assignment.  Also discuss what topic you will use for the I-Search.

10/7 Project Two Presentations

Read these sample I-Search essays:

erinn w isearch

kristin h isearch

david c isearch

Write a short response (@200-300 words) as a blog post answering the following:

What are the important writing moves the students make to convey his or her research process and findings to the audience? How do I see an I-Search paper as shaping up differently than a research paper? What changes should I make to my topic (last blog post) so that it conforms to these models?

10/9 Research for your I-Search


Read Selections from Sharan Merriam’s Qualitative Research

Conducting Effective Interviews

Being a Careful Observer

How to Analyze Qualitative Data

Write on your blog, Part One of your I-Search.  This serves as an introduction to the larger project. Be sure to discuss what you already know, what you wish to learn, and why you want to learn more about your topic. Use your skills in crafting a narrative. Be creative. Throw in a picture or two (optional).

Sign up for a conference time via an email if you missed class.

10/14 Conferences


10/21 I-Search Finishing Touches

Write: Rough Draft of I-Search.  Please bring two printed copies to class on Thursday.  
Final draft is due by 11:59 pm, Tuesday, October 28.

10/23 Project Three Rough Draft Review

Final Draft of I-Search posted to your blog and uploaded to SafeAssign via BlackBoard by 11:59 pm Tuesday, October 28.

10/28 Team Charters and Research Issues

Homework: Finish I-Search.  Post on blog and to SafeAssign via BlackBoard by 11:59 pm tonight!
Read Wayne Writer Ch. 5 pp. 145-159 and ch. 6 pp. 188-215 for class on Thursday.

10/30 Post Project Reflection and Annotated Bibliographies

Read Wayne Writer Ch. 5 pp. 145-159 and ch. 6 pp. 188-215 for class on Tuesday.
Write Annotated Bibliographies.

11/4 Evaluations and Proposals

Homework: Write: On your blogs, please post by Thursday, 11/6, a response (of no more than 300 words) to the following:

How do you view yourself as a researcher? How has this changed over the semester?  What do you view as your role within your group? How is this beneficial to the group as a whole? How have your experiences with collaborative writing in this class differ from other experiences you may have had working with a group?

Read your research. Begin drafting sections of the essay.  Rough Draft in class by Tuesday, November 13.


11/11 Creating Work-in-Progress Presentations

Homework: Finish Presentations; continue working on Project Four

11/13 Project Four Rough Draft Presentations


Read: Revising by Reading Aloud

Write Project Four! Post work-in-progress to blogs before class on Tuesday.

11/18 Wrapping up Your Proposal

Finish Project Four.  Each group member should post the final product to their blog.  Nominate one group member to upload the document to SafeAssign by 11:59 pm tonight.
Review all of your short blog posts and major writing assignments.  Cut and paste essays submitted for Projects One, Two, and Three onto your blog if you have not already done so.
Read Reflective Writing and the Revision Process

and What Students Say

Project Four due to SafeAssign by 11:59 pm tonight, 11/18/14.

11/20 Post-Project Reflection


Read Project Five description and this highly-developed 1020 reflection.

Write a Post Research Project Reflection on your blog (@ 200-300 words). Respond to the following:

To what extent are you satisfied (or not) with your group’s final draft? What, if anything, do you feel your group overlooked?

To what extent do you feel that you could have completed the work performed by the group as a whole by yourself? What were some advantages and disadvantages of working with a group

How do you feel you have changed as a reader, writer, and researcher after completing the project? What skills do you feel you have gained from working on this project?

Do you foresee a need for these skill outside of this classroom?

Collect your evidence (everything you have written this semester) onto your blog.  This includes typing handwritten in-class reflections as blog posts and posting copies of all four major projects.


11/27 Happy Thanksgiving! No Class.


12/4 Project Five Rough Draft Review—Last day of class

Homework: Finish the Reflective argument.  Upload the entire portfolio to SafeAssign via BlackBoard by 11:59 pm Sunday, December 7. 

Submission Instructions

  1. Assemble your file as a single document in the following order (see attached template):
    1. Cover Page
    2. Reflective Argument
    3. Appendices
  1. Name your file using the following protocol: CRN_accessID_1020F2014
    Example: 11588_ba9104_1020F2014
  1. Upload your file to Blackboard. Post a copy to your blog.
Good luck on your exams and have a wonderful break! You’ve earned it!




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