1020 Project Two: Genre Analysis


In this assignment, you and a partner will apply what you have learned about rhetoric to an example of media discourse pertinent to a shared primary or secondary Discourse. This exercise will give you an opportunity to exercise your critical faculties and your knowledge of the ways in which rhetoric is employed by others. http://9poeticfingers.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/critical-discussion1.jpg

The audience for this assignment is your classmates, your teacher, or any other users of the genre you have chosen. You should not assume that your readers are familiar with the work you have chosen to analyze, or have read the work before reading your paper. (You should attach a link to the work to your completed analysis.) Nor can you assume that they are familiar with the issue the author raises. So part of your task will be to briefly review the contents of the work and to suggest to your audience why they, too, should be interested in the issue and the author’s treatment of it. However, it is not sufficient for you to simply review the text. In this analysis, you should clearly describe the features of the genre and how the piece at hand conforms and/or ignores these and you are also expected to explain the reasons for the effectiveness of the author’s treatment of the issue at hand. Help your readers see how the argument works (or doesn’t work).


By answering the following questions, you should generate a great deal of material that you can use in composing your rhetorical analysis. You will probably find that many parts of the text will reveal more than one aspect of its rhetoric.

1. What is the rhetorical situation?

2. What is the writer’s ethos and how is it created?

3. What claim or proposition does the writer advance?

4. Considering the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs the writer assumes to be common ground with her or his audience, how strong or weak are these arguments?

5. How is the text arranged? What are its parts? What is their relation to one another?

6. What is the role of style and tone?

These answers do not need to be https://stablerenglish.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/f5b50-april15.jpgpresented in the order given.  Nor do you necessarily have to limit yourself to just these issues.  Use them as a basic guide for developing your project. Essentially, this project is based on “Writing Project 2.1” on p. 97 of The Wayne Writer.


Your analysis, delivered via a multimedia presentation and an accompanying 3-5 page (750-1250 word) essay, should help readers understand why you find this piece rhetorically interesting. Your invention process will give you much material to consider and select from. You may organize your analysis around one or more of the rhetorical features you have examined. Whatever your claims about how the text works, remember always to ground them in the rhetorical situation: who is being addressed, when, where and why.

In general, you must present the claims of your analysis, provide whatever supplementary information about the issue may be necessary for your readers to understand those claims, and marshal the evidence which supports your analysis and its conclusions. The text itself is primary evidence for this analysis; in showing how language affects audiences, you will find that frequent specific references and quotations are vital.

Post a copy of, or link to, your analysis, complete with at least three appropriate images, to your blogs.  This should be a multimedia presentation.  Consider creating a video/videoblog, a Prezi, or interactive webpage.  Each partner should also upload a peer-reviewed final draft of the text used to SafeAssign via BlackBoard.  The essay should also include  a section about the decisions made in drafting the presentation.  Specifically, I want you to:

  • describe the process of preparing for the project,
  • how you made decisions on the form and content of presentation,
  • evaluate your own participation and shortcomings (if any) as well as your partner’s. https://i0.wp.com/condor.depaul.edu/dwrd/moore/wrd104/critical-thinking-pie-big.jpg
  • discuss what you learned about rhetorical practices within your discourse community from the project and how you plan to apply this knowledge to your research in particular and future projects in general.

Obama Poster Example

Rolling Stone Example

Due by 11:59 Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Upload text document (TNR, 12pt, DS, 1″margins) to SafeAssign and post presentation or a link to it on your blogs.

Presentations will be done on 10/2 and 10/7. All members of the group will be expected to be an active presenter.  If you miss class when your group presents you will receive a significant reduction (15%)  in the final grade for the project.

The attached Project Two Description can also be found on BlackBoard.


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