1020 Project One: Personal Community Analysis


This project serves as a personal introduction to other members of the class and readers of your blog, as well as an exploration of primary and secondary Discourses and reflections on prior knowledge about college writing, as students begin to identify themselves as writers in this college classroom. These texts, 500-1000 words, will be uploaded to SafeAssign and posted as an “about” page on student blogs.

Create an “About Me” page for your blog. In this page, write about who you are and what you are bringing with you to this course by defining and describing your primary and secondary Discourses (via Gee’s terminology), and explaining your understanding of college writing and key experiences that have formed who you are as a writer.  You can view mine here.

Process Suggestions

  • To begin, brainstorm how these terms apply to your life, and conduct a general genre analysis of About Me pages on other blogs. These prewriting moves will help you think through the content you’d like to develop for your page, and the way you will present the content to follow the conventions of the About Me genre.
  • Draft a version of the post, and bring a typed copy of this draft for peer response on the assigned date (see schedule).
  • Consider peer responses and your own review of your draft as you work to meet the rhetorical situation of the assignment.
  • Post the final version of your About Me page to your personal blog and upload (text only) the final draft to SafeAssign via BlackBoard.
  • Essentially, this project is based upon “Writing Project 1.1” on p. 45 of The Wayne Writer. Refer to that activity and guidelines.

The successful, adequate project will display the following rhetorical qualities:

  • Use of the genre conventions of About Me pages
  • Thoughtful development of the required content (explanation of the student’s primary and secondary discourses and prior knowledge of and experiences with writing)
  • Organized and developed paragraphs or segments of writing
  • Clear and effective sentences and error-free writing

“About Me” example 1

“About Me” example 2

“About Me” example 3

“About Me” example 4

Due by 11:59 pm Sunday, September 14, 2014


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