Final Class: Rough Draft Review, Evaluations, Tearful Goodbyes

The Rogh dRft Revue!

Today we will do a rough draft review by simulating the grading of your papers.  First, however, let’s analyze the rubric.  With a partner, re-read the rubric and describe each of the grades in your own words.

For example, what are all the elements needed to give an A (“Excellent”) grade for outcome 1? Quantity of evidence? Use of evidence? Analysis? Context? Other elements necessary? How does that differ from a B (“Almost Excellent”) grade?  Another tactic may be to differentiate between “strong”,  “very effective”, “effective”, and “adequate” etc for the various learning outcomes. Try to be as specific as possible.  You might find it easier to detail an “A” paper versus a “C” or “C-” (“Almost Acceptable”).

“To get an “Excellent” ranking on Learning Outcome #1, I should include  a minimum of three pieces of evidence from at least two of the documents I have included in my portfolio that, ideally, shows growth and development.”

Once you’ve done that for all learning outcomes use those as a basis for the evaluation of rough drafts. Exchange papers and use the rubrics to grade the paper in front of you, giving an honest grade for each outcome. Explain in a sentence why you gave the grade you did.

When you’re done, if time permits, find another peer to work with. First, switch rubrics to see whether your analyses of the reading rubric coincide. If they don’t, try to come up with a common ground and discuss where your interpretations differ. Do the same for another paper. After you come to an agreement, grade each other’s papers and discuss your feedback for revision.


Final Word of Advice on the Reflection

Don’t Panic!  Ever, really. Not just on this assignment.  Be sure to use enough, appropriate evidence from a variety of sources to discuss each learning outcome.  Weave your discussion as a narrative of your progress through the semester.

Rate Me!

It’s now your turn to evaluate me.  Don’t hold back. Don’t pull any punches. Tell them what you think of me.  Lay it all out on the line. As an instructor, I do value the feedback from student evaluations, and I have adjusted my teaching based on the feedback. As a department, evaluations, along with your reflections and portfolios, help us decide whether or not our changes are effective and well-received.  If there is anything you really like or dislike about this course or me, now is the time to air your grievances or lavish praises.

Course Info:

  • Instructor: Bradley Stabler
  • Course Name: English 1020
  • Course Section: 902
  • CRN (Course Reference Number or Call #): 11588

To preserve the authenticity of the evaluation process, I may not handle the materials and must be out of the room.  I will need a volunteer to gather the evaluations and drop them off at the front desk of this building.  I will be in the lounge area if anyone needs me.

It has truly been an honor and a pleasure working with and getting to know all of you. This class has been one of the most enjoyable groups I have had the pleasure to work with and, as it very well may be the last section I teach at Wayne State, I will remember each and everyone of you fondly. If there is anything you need from me after this semester (recommendations, writing assistance, Bigfoot hunting tips) please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Homework: Finish the Reflective argument.  Upload the entire portfolio to SafeAssign via BlackBoard by 11:59 pm Sunday, December 7. 

Submission Instructions

  1. Assemble your file as a single document in the following order (see attached template):
    1. Cover Page
    2. Reflective Argument
    3. Appendices
  1. Name your file using the following protocol: CRN_accessID_1020F2014
    Example: 11588_ba9104_1020F2014
  1. Upload your file to Blackboard. Post a copy to your blog.
Good luck on your exams and have a wonderful break! You’ve earned it!



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