Wrapping up your Research


In the proposal portion of your project, you’re going to develop reasons for the proposal as well as a discussion of the logistics of implementing the proposal.

Following the format of these Detroit Free Press editorial posts from 2009, you will outline the proposal, why it’s beneficial, how it will be implemented, what the obstacles are, how you’ll address these obstacles (or a refutation of them), and why the audience should take action.

Each of these parts of the proposal may be a paragraph or more. In each paragraph, you should have a topic sentence (the main idea of the paragraph) and reasons and evidence to support the idea of the paragraph.


When you look at your evidence, ask yourself, is it relevant? Is it sufficient?

In the Wayne Writer, the authors outline the value of relevant and sufficient evidence, evidence that will cause your audience to find your argument persuasive. They write,

Relevance refers to the appropriateness of the evidence to the case at hand. Some kinds of evidence are seen as more relevant than others for particular audiences. On the one hand, in science and industry, personal testimony is seen as having limited relevance, while experimental procedures and controlled observations have far more credibility…on the other hand, in writing to the general public on controversial issues such as gun control, personal experience is often considered more relevant than other kinds of data” (149).

Guiding Questions:

Who is your audience? What kind of evidence will they find most convincing? Why?

The authors of the chapter in the Wayne Writer go on to write about sufficiency, “the amount of evidence cited” (149). One piece of evidence might be enough if it is “especially compelling”; however, sometimes personal experiences and hard data need to work together to provide sufficient evidence (149-150).

Let’s practice on this sample.

Finish Project Four.  Each group member should post the final product to their blog.  Nominate one group member to upload the document to SafeAssign by 11:59 pm tonight.
Review all of your short blog posts and major writing assignments.  Cut and paste essays submitted for Projects One, Two, and Three onto your blog if you have not already done so.
Read Reflective Writing and the Revision Process
and What Students Say

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