Creating Work-in-Progress Presentations




For Thursday, November 13, prepare a presentation of work completed to date on your research projects.

As these are works-in-progress, bear in mind two important things:

  1. I don’t expect you to have finished the entire project;
  2. Even when you do finish the project, I don’t expect you to have all the “answers” or “solutions”.

Much like the I-Search, the purpose of this project is to determine how well you find and utilize information, how well you synthesize information from multiple sources, and how well you integrate material from other sources into your writing.   On a side-note, you should aim to only have 10-15% quoted or paraphrased material in your final product.  I am looking to see how well you engage with material and use it to propel your thoughts forward.

Tonight, work with your group mates to develop a 5-10 minute presentation on your progress.  It should have a minimum of 5 slides with no more than 10-12 words per slide.  I want you to discuss your project, not read from the screen.  Each group member should have a role in the presentation.  (Yes, this includes “mouse clicker” and “handout distributer/collector”)

You may organize your presentation anyway you seem fit.  Below are some suggestions:

  • Use the outline I provided (it has 5 sections!);
  • Do a sales pitch. Introduce your research issue, explain why you’re interested in it, explain why you’re qualified to discuss it, highlight intriguing elements;
  • Public Service Announcement.   In a rhetorically rich manner, explain why the class should care about your issue.

Regardless of how you build your presentation, it should highlight your successes and include a plea for help.  Actively seek feedback in some manner (direct questioning, survey, etc) on any one (or more) element of your project with which you are struggling. Consider using handouts.

Collectively, we shall help each group come up with new ideas!






Homework: Finish presentation. Continue working on Project Four.




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