1020 Session Fourteen: iStick an iFork into your iSearch. It’s Done!

Well, maybe your not quite done.  But you will be soon.

Final Draft posted to your blog and uploaded to SafeAssign via BlackBoard by 11:59 pm Tuesday, October 28.

Before we head into a rough draft review, let’s pause for a mid(ish) semester reflection and feedback on where we’ve been and where we’re heading.

I’ve taken the learning outcomes we have discussed previously and have pulled them apart.

Define or explain you still want to know about the following terms or concepts:

  • Using knowledge of genre to write effectively
  • Using knowledge of the rhetorical situation to write effectively
  • Using knowledge of the discourse community to write effectively
  • Using reflection to write effectively
  • Developing a flexible writing process
  • Writing effectively for various audiences
  • Using analytical and/or critical strategies to read complex texts
  • Identifying/analyzing genre features
  • Conducting research by finding sources
  • Using sources to generate ideas during the research process
  • Integrating sources into your writing

Finally, discuss what it means to be a reflective student. To help you write through this, think about things like:

  • When I am about to start a new writing or learning task, what do I do to make sure I know how to begin?
  • How do I use writing reflection (either assigned, or on my own) to help me think through learning tasks?
  • How do I engage in reflection when I am not in class or at my computer? Are there other times I am working through reflection?

Write or email your response.  I also want you to post your response on your blogs.


The Rogh dRft Revue!

Speed Dating Style!

You know the drill by now.  One printed copy for me and one for collecting comments from your peers. Here’s the twist:

  1. Sit in chairs facing each other.
  2. Exchange papers and decide whether you will read each others’ work or present your work to your partner. You may wish to just discuss general ideas about your paper, ask your partner to read a specific section, read the whole draft, or brainstorm ideas for finishing or continuing research.
  3. After 10(ish) minutes, the inner row will stand and move one spot to their right.
  4. Repeat.  Try to do a different activity in step 2 with each new “date”.

Final Words of Advice on this project.

Don’t sweat it.  It will feel like it’s unfinished; you will be left with new questions or  questions unanswered.  That’s fine.  That’s part of the research process.

Happy Writing!





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