1020 Session Thirteen: I-Search Finishing Touches


At this point, you should have made the research moves necessary to further your inquiries on your topics.  Be sure to take notes of every detail of every research step you made as they should all be written up in the body of the essay.  Don’t forget to write a conclusion to your I-Search.  Your conclusion may address, but is not limited to, the following:

  • your successes and/or failures in the research process;
  • the main lesson you learned about your topic;
  • what you may have learned about the research process;
  • any questions that linger;
  • any new questions that have come up.

I-Search Rough Draft Review will be on Thursday, October 23.  The final draft is due by 11:59 pm, Sunday, October 26.

In my email last week, I asked you to use the directory of student blogs on the course website, and navigate to four other students’ work.  You were to visit your two partners from the analysis project and two random classmates, read their I-Search posts, and leave a comment.

The purpose of this was two-fold.  One, it would allow everyone to receive feedback from at least two people. Secondly, it would allow you to see on which topics everyone is writing.  This is to your benefit as the next project, The Proposal argument, will be done in collaboration with 2-3 other students.  You may use one or more of your I-Search projects as a springboard for this essay.

Let’s take a look at Project Four.



Write: Rough Draft of I-Search.  Please bring two printed copies to class on Thursday.




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