1020 Session Twelve: Research for your I-Search

In Class Reflection:

Spend a few minutes writing about your experiences as a researcher. What kinds of topics have you researched or written about before? How do you usually conduct research? What is important to you about the research process or what have you learned from research in the past? How do you see yourself tackling the research required for the I-Search?


Beginning your Search for Answers


Read Selections from Sharan Merriam’s Qualitative Research

Conducting Effective Interviews

Being a Careful Observer

How to Analyze Qualitative Data

Write on your blog, Part One of your I-Search.  This serves as an introduction to the larger project. Be sure to discuss what you already know, what you wish to learn, and why you want to learn more about your topic. Use your skills in crafting a narrative. Be creative. Throw in a picture or two (optional).

Sign up for a conference time via an email if you missed class.


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