1020 Session Eleven: Presentations

Your  Presentations!

Testing your questionshttps://i2.wp.com/www.ajoconnor.com/sites/default/files/images/Question_shutterstock_77267023.jpg

Look at the topic you wrote for the last blog post.  Apply teh following tests:

  • Is it stated as a question or set of questions, instead of a statement?
  • Do I need to clarify any terms to make my research question understandable to my audience?
  • Is my question about one of my secondary discourses/discourse communities, or one that I plan to/hope to join in the NEAR future?
  • Is my question related to the function of that d.c., communication in that d.c., ways of being in that d.c. or movement within that d.c.?
  • Am I personally invested in exploring this question? Why or how will exploring this question help me understand my discourse community?
  • Is my question something I can research using primary and secondary sources? What research site or scene do I plan to investigate? Can it be answered too easily, or do I need a diverse set of sources to understand the answer?
  • Is my question specific or concrete enough to explore in 1500-2000 words? Or is it too broad or too narrow?


Read these sample I-Search essays:

erinn w isearch

kristin h isearch

david c isearch

Write a short response (@200-300 words) as a blog post answering the following:

What are the important writing moves the students make to convey his or her research process and findings to the audience? How do I see an I-Search paper as shaping up differently than a research paper? What changes should I make to my topic (last blog post) so that it conforms to these models?



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