3050 Session One: Welcome to Class 8/28/2014

Welcome To The Class!

On Tap Today:

Cards of Chaos! On the notecards, provide the following info:

Name (and preferred title)

Preferred e-mail

Major/career path


Do you have access to computer & Internet outside of Wayne State?

Fictional character with whom you most identify

Fun Fact! Maybe Two!

Class Orientation



  • Syllabus and Project descriptions
  • In textbook
    • Ch. 1 (“Communication, Your Career, and This Book”),
    • Ch. 3 (“Defining Your Communication’s Goals”), and
    • Ch. 23 (“Writing Reader-Centered Letters, Memos, E-mails, and Digital Exchanges) Note: Chapter numbers and pagination may differ if you are using the custom textbook.
  • Instructions for Project 1
  • If you are not already familiar with Wikipedia, spend some time reviewing this site; concentrate specifically on the way information is presented for entries relevant to to your academic/career field.


  • In your notes, write down at least three questions you have after the reading. Bring these to class.
  • Register for this website. Fill out the form on the course homepage. Edit your “About Me” page with a short bio (similar to the information I asked for above).
  • Register to use Wikipedia



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